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“When I turned 41 I felt a change in my body and I knew I was slowing down a lot. I was not eating correctly and being a shift worker saw me pick up bad habits and buy quick easy meals. I had no energy; I was tired, grumpy and saw myself yelling at my daughter at the slightest thing! I knew something had to change.” 

Jess Jantzen

You Are One Step Closer To Getting

The Fit, Healthy Body You Deserve…

Right now you’re probably sceptical. I don’t blame you, because you’ve tried many different diets and different ways to exercise.

And it feels so frustrating and unfair that you aren’t getting the results you not only desire but deserve.

I’m sure you’ve imagined what life would be like if you could just get that little bit slimmer and firmer. With your new body and self-confidence…

  • You no longer have to cover up at the beach… 
  • You feel sexier and more confident about dating or being romantic with your partner…
  • You no longer flinch when you steal a passing glance at your reflection… 
  • Going shopping is a blast because everything fits AND looks amazing! 
  • You’re no longer the one behind the camera; you LOVE having your photo taken! 
  • You have boundless energy and a new lease on life…and everyone else wants what you’ve got! 

 But maybe best of all… 

  • You finally feel ‘at peace’ with food – because YOU are the one in control…  

Make no mistake, whatever your ‘exterior’ now, underneath IS the gorgeous, toned, slimmer body you’ve always wanted and the vibrant, self-assured woman to match …just waiting to be revealed.


You'll Get A 100% Customized Program That's Tailor-Made Just For You And Your Unique Circumstances

When you invest in the 8 Week Body Makeover Program, I’ll personally create a unique package based on your answers to our in-depth health questionnaire – I have over 20 years’ experience of working with women just like you.

Your personalized diet and training plans will be based on: 

  • Your needs…
  • Your physical abilities…
  • Your available training equipment (even if you have no equipment at all!)…
  • Your goals…
  • Your existing fitness levels…
  • Your food preferences and dislikes…
  • Your lifestyle…
  • Your available time for training each week…
  • YOU!

And, you’ll get my Mind Over Matter Mindset Course to work through alongside your program. If you have any sort of emotional issues with food or body image, this will possibly be the most valuable part of your program.

Why I Can Help You

Like many women, I struggled with yo-yo dieting and weight loss in my teens, 20’s and early 30’s. Eating rabbit food and sometimes spending hours a day exercising, I still didn’t have the body I wanted or deserved.

Finally, after much soul searching and trial and error I discovered some home truths about diet and training that made a significant and momentous difference; not only to my body, but to my confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

I went from strength to strength; winning a national body transformation competition, then stepped it up to compete in national and international figure competitions.

I went from strength to strength; winning a national body transformation competition, then stepped it up to compete in national and international figure competitions.

Now, as the owner of Ideal Bodies Online, every day I count my blessings for what is truly a remarkable opportunity to touch people’s lives in a way that will help them live a healthier and happier life. 

I receive daily emails from women experiencing the same issues I encountered – my own personal story is so familiar to their own. It astounds me how many women of today have disordered eating patterns and body image problems. So, seeing my clients progress from tired, unhappy, overweight and often self-loathing people, to strong, healthy, confident and beautiful individuals (inside and out!), gives me tremendous satisfaction that I will be forever grateful. 

My team and I have trained, coached and mentored many people (including 37 Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Body Blitz winners and 4 Grand Champions) to achieve the body of their dreams in a matter of weeks. These are ordinary people, just like you and me - achieving extraordinary things; simply by putting a well-designed plan into action and not giving up.

I’ve done all the research, the trial and the error. I know what works, what doesn’t and what is a complete waste of time and money.

You might be thinking that I had it easy. That’s not true. I’ve also experienced many of the usual ups and downs that life brings. Divorce, illness, miscarriage, surgery, financial issues as well as pregnancy and childbirth at 42. Thanks to what I’ve learned and put into practice I’ve been able to deal with them all without resorting back to binge eating or becoming out of shape and unhappy with myself, even as a busy mum. Sure, I have my moments from time to time but I am so much more at ease around food. If I gain a few pounds I know exactly how to get rid of it.

In fact, this is probably the most significant positive outcome of the entire experience. I no longer worry about food, eating and gaining weight. Food is my friend. Unfortunately not many women can say that with honesty but you CAN if you follow my principles.

These days I have no reason to binge eat. I love the food I eat and the meals I create now. I never feel deprived. (And that, ladies, is one of the secrets I will let you in on as part of the Body Makeover Program).

Making the decision to invest in a solid fat loss program was truly a life changing decision and without a doubt one of the best of my life. 

I look back and pinpoint this very decision as the turning point in my life. I was either going one way or the other. If you are ‘on the edge’ I hope that my story has helped you see that you are worth it and that things can change very quickly IF you take action. 

Don’t wait for the best time, the perfect time – such a thing does not exist. The best and only time is NOW.

You can probably relate to my before story - but it is my vision to help you relate to my after story too. You CAN have a wonderfully abundant life – if not now, when?

*Sue and her programs have been featured on national and international television and in Women’s Weekly, Herald Sun, Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine and more.










A Personalised 8-week nutrition and training program written by Body Transformation Specialist, Sue Heintze - including video demonstrations of all exercises

Specific and timely feedback requirements to ensure accountability and success

Unlimited email support with one of our experienced female Success Coaches

The Mind Over Matter Mindset Course that works in conjunction with your Body Makeover Program to ensure you finish what you start and achieve what you want!

Access to my Food, Fitness & Fat Loss Community – a private Facebook Group for further support, encouragement, advice and recipes

What You Get With Your Body Makeover Program:


Slim & Shapely Body Tracker - Valued at $9.95 

If you’re like most people, then odds are you won’t notice small improvements in your body. This can make us inclined to give up, even when we ARE making progress!

That’s why you’ll also get the “Slim & Shapely Body Tracker” to teach you how to measure your body fat percentage. This is the most accurate way of measuring real fat loss progress. You’ll be able to look back and see your progress from when you started your Body Makeover Program until you reach your goal of having your own fit and trim body.

A Guide to Maintaining Your Results - Valued at $9.95

You’ve made all these fantastic changes, so I’ve included lots of tips and tricks you need to know to maintain your fab new body.

Photo Shoot Preparation guide for ‘after’ photos - Valued at $9.95

Also included are my tips and tricks for a fantastic photo session at the end of your Body Makeover Program. (Or any other special event where you want to look over-the-top gorgeous in front of the camera!) …

You’ll discover my secret figure competition prep diet… how to plan, prepare and pose for a dynamite shoot… and how to get the best out of a professional photographer!

5 Day Plateau Buster Diet - Valued at $29.95

As you’d know, fat loss goals may not always be a straight line to perfection. Sometimes it takes a little shock to the daily routine to break through to the figure you’ve always wanted. 

Having coached 37 body blitz competitors to victory, including 4 grand champions I’ve “been there and done that” and am sharing my proven approach to plateau busting in this amazing package.

Cook N Burn Recipe Bible - Valued at $29.95 

Over 70 delicious, family-friendly recipes that can be incorporated into your Body Makeover Program menus. Wholesome and delicious dishes the whole family will love and that will make fuelling and strengthening your body a breeze…

Mind Over Matter – Valued at $29.95

In the MIND OVER MATTER MOTIVATIONAL HANDBOOK you’ll get the same ADVANCED MENTAL TRICKS that empowered me to go from 22% to 10% body fat and CRUSH IT in national figure competitions (including my 10 Success Commandments to Live By and how to induce The Fat Loss “Miracle Sleep”)… 

There will be tests and setbacks on the road to sculpting a HOT, SEXY bod. And the wisdom you find here will help you flood your mind with the positivity, patience and commitment you need to succeed — no matter how many times you may have failed in the past. It’s no longer an option. You’ll work through this book with your dedicated Success Coach.

50% discount voucher on any digital program - Valued at $48.50

Always having a plan is paramount to continued success, so I’m providing you will a 50% off voucher to use on any of my digital programs to use at your convenience.

That’s over $150.00 in free gifts, just for investing in your own personalized Body Makeover Program during this promotion.

“Within a few weeks, I was forming a routine and seeing results quickly! The weight training was challenging but I was able to do everything. With the help of my coach (who was awesome) and the easy access to example videos, I had no problem figuring out how to perform the exercises.

Now I can actually see my abs! That is something I have tried to accomplish for years and I am finally having success with Ideal Bodies Online. At 45 years old I feel better than I did 20 years ago! ” 

Channa Harrison

Why Your Mind Matters....

In success, attitude and mindset is everything

Even though weight loss, fitness and health seem to be solely about the body, they are (possibly even more so) about the mind as well.

 If you are honest with yourself right now, part of you probably thinks you can't make weight loss success work in the long-term. And that little part of you is working to sabotage your efforts...

My unique 'Mind Over Matter' Mindset Course works in conjunction with your Body Makeover Program to teach you how to build belief, confidence and self-esteem; allowing you to lose your excess weight and keep it off.

Finally, you’ll feel the power of accomplishment that comes from finishing what you started!

"I developed the Body Makeover Program and the Mind Over Matter Mindset Course to help others achieve results like I did, and feel the power that comes with achieving what you set out to…" 

- Sue Heintze

"Before I knew it, I turned 50. Four weeks before starting the program was the turning point. On a girl’s weekend get-away the pool conversation included “I am wearing my bikini even though I probably shouldn’t”. A walk along the beach sealed my resolve to get fit, when I saw a group of large, beach-ball shaped women in their bikinis. I realized that I was also headed in that direction and did not want to go there. Besides that, I am an older Mom and want to keep up with my children… not look like their grandma!"

Lynda Modien

"I have always been fit (I am a runner) but have always struggled with the eating side of things. I am an all or nothing kinda girl!! I decided it was time to take charge! I had put on a few kilos over Christmas and didn’t like the body I saw in the mirror."

Liz Camilleri

"Wow. I've actually done really well, haven't I?  I’m quite impressed with myself for sticking with the program and getting results. A big thank you to you Sue for designing my awesome workouts which have fit into my life nicely and made me feel like I had a lovely family/work/exercise balance and the recipes are incredibly tasty. I also have a big thanks to you Mel for being an amazing support and helping me for feeling worthy, even when I've had blowouts. "

Nikki Raffa

"I have received amazing reactions from all over the place! My family live in Sydney, so I don’t get to see them that often, but they saw me at the stage I had lost around 20kg. They were really happy that I had lost that much weight and told me I looked great. I finally sent them some recent photos  and they were completely speechless."

Carolyn Gerdtz

 Real Women. Just Like You. Real Results!